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Kokos is an asymmetrical VR party game I made with a team for a game design course at U of T. We built the game in Unity, and used the steam VR API for the VR components of the game.


The game has one player using a VR headset, called the KoKo King, take on 4 other players using controllers. The players, called Kokos, compete with each other to collect enough feathers to perform the ritual to overthrow the Koko King and take his place. 







Thomas Yu, Brandon Cormier, Nagee Elghassein,

 Jianxin Pei, Chengjie Liang


Modelling: Flavio Felipe 


Concept art and Texturing: Hoang Luong Dam 


Additional Artwork: Fari Strachan


Animation: Vini de Silveria


Music/Sound design: Maria-Paula Bonilla-Hernandez


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