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GameTime is a booking and registration service for sport clubs. I was hired on to manage the ticketing system and business to business relationships. 

Due to the nature of the small business, my role evolved over the course of my time at the company, enabling me to apply myself to many different roles. 

Web Design

I worked on a large portion of the marketing Website. I also often designed how fixes or features would be implemented on the service website. I participated in most changes while at the company. 

Product Management

I would make sure that the updates from the development team matched the expectation and needs of the clients. I participated in week start and ending meetings, and handled the ticketing system that managed stretch goals and milestones. I met on site with many clients to better understand their needs and the goals of the software. 

Marketing & Sales

I often demoed the software and acted as a spokesperson for the company. It was important have the communication skills to convey the technical aspects of the software to non technical prospective clients

Business to Business

I managed and maintained the relationship with current clients. Acting as a liaison between the product owner, clients and developers. I would make sure the needs of the clients were addressed and that they were informed about upcoming changes to the software. 

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