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Aus Der Box

Aus Der Box is a design project for a mobile application. The premise of the application is an AR interactive app that enables users to get more information on products in a retail environment.


The goal of the app is to reduce the need for colored ink and material over-use on product packaging, by putting that information in the hands of the consumer instead of on the box. Ink and other materials used in packages make them more difficult and costly to recycle, and this alternative was designed to reduce wasteful packaging while giving the users a superior feature rich alternative. 

The project was focused on User Experience and User Centered Design. We took the project from paper prototype to a high fidelity prototype over the course of a 4 week study abroad in Berlin, Germany. There was a large focus on usability testing and iterative design. 


Design Process

Paper Prototyping

After preliminary research to determine the need of the consumers, each member of the team created a paper prototype. After testing each of these paper prototypes individually with multiple users, we were able to come together to refine our designs and bring them together into a single design. 

Usability Testing

Through a series of usability tests, we were able to gather user feedback and observe their interactions with the application. This enabled us to improve the user interface at each step in the design process. 

From Low Fidelity to High Fidelity

Through multiple iterations and usability tests, we moved our application from a low fidelity prototype to a high fidelity prototype. We used Origami Studio to create our high fidelity prototype. 


The division of labor was fairly balanced between the main four members of the group, Ryan Marten, José María Casas, José Alfredo and myself. Ryan and I took leadership roles during most phases of the project. There was a fifth member, Henry Chai, who assisted with more minor tasks throughout the project.

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